Tracemark brings traceability to Verone, a new brand of 100% traceable jewelry for digital natives


Tracemark adds another jeweler to its network of certified brands: Verone. After launching in June, Verone arrives to the market as the first jewelry brand that offers traceability to every single one of its pieces through Tracemark, allowing customers to see the material origins and craftsmanship behind each one and view their certified authenticity, sustainability and responsible production.

Positioning itself as “the first completely traceable and sustainable accessible jewelry brand”, each Verone jewel comes accompanied by a “digital passport” which allows access to Tracemark’s characteristic traceability panel. In this interactive digital interface, customized for the brand, the customer can explore the story behind their piece of jewelry, discovering the origins of the silver, gold plating and natural diamonds of which it is made, alongside the production processes which bring the piece to life.

All jewelry traced and certified by Tracemark come accompanied by a Tracemark Tag with QR code which allows customers to access the piece’s traceability experience directly from any mobile device. Tracemarked pieces also come engraved with a discreet unique alphanumeric code which identifies the piece and can also be used to access the traceability information from Tracemark’s website:

“Being sustainable, ethical and transparent is part of our purpose, it’s in our DNA” explains Luis Feliu, head of Verone. “We understand luxury as something which is timeless, elegant and ethical all at the same time,” he adds, highlighting the importance of traceability in taking that one step beyond sustainability and referring to the fact that although the brand has only recently launched, it is well on its way to becoming a member of the Responsible Jewellery Council.

“At Tracemark, we often say that now, sustainability in jewelry means traceability. It is essential to know the origin of raw materials to guarantee their responsible sourcing, and to know exactly how a piece of jewelry was manufactured in order to see if it has been done so responsibly” explains Berta Serret, cofounder of Tracemark. “It’s a question of transparency, and honesty, and that’s what we’re all about at Tracemark. For this reason, we are very excited to see that more and more jewelry brands are beginning to share our drive and our signing up to our project to arming customers with the necessary information to make purchase decisions which are aligned with their values,” she highlights, explaining the value of this new collaboration with Verone.

Verone comes to the market with three collections: Nature, Timeless and Colors and timeless designs brimming with personality which personify this commitment to sustainability, authenticity and transparency which defines this new brand. Now available online, all Verone pieces are accompanied by their own “passport” which the Tracemark certification and traceability experience.