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We are committed to Traceability
To the origin of a material or product.
We are committed to Supply Chain Integrity We believe supply chain integrity among peers in the jewelry industry is fundamental
to explore how their business and ethics decisions can lead to improvements
in supply chain management, contributing to its sustainable development.
We are committed to Chain of Custody Tracemark works exclusively with CoC 100% Ethical Gold. WE ARE COMMITTED TO Provenance Tracemark provides the origin of all diamonds independently of their size and weight
and specific information of each step of a jewelry’s supply chain.
We are committed to Community Investment Tracemark’s stakeholders and business associates are directly
or indirectly supporting all social development activity.
We are committed to Sustainability & Ethics Tracemark ensures that companies involved in the supply chain of a piece of jewelry
have ethical codes and follow protocols to contribute to sustainable development.
We are committed to Collaboration with Peers Tracemark brings you the opportunity to collaborate with peers of
the jewelry and diamond industry.
We are committed to Responsible Sourcing Tracemark provides the legitimacy of the providence of a jewelry piece and
guarantees the responsible sourcing of raw materials, gold and diamonds.
We are committed to Philanthropy Tracemark believes in the upliftment of each human being in touch with us. We are committed to Privacy Security Confidentiality Tracemark established a traceability protocol which through an encrypted certified software,
provides the complete traceability of jewelry.
We are committed to Sustainable Development Goals Tracemark has reinforced its sustainability commitments to respect and preserve
human rights in all of its activities by promoting and being committed to the 17
Sustainable Development Goals proposed by the United Nations.
We are committed to Social Compliance The RJC established an industry-specific code of practice and chain of custody (precious minerals)
programme to address a range of human and labour rights issues.
We are committed to Kimberley Process Each Tracemark diamond jewelry incorporates their Kimberley Process Certificate
with validates the diamonds legitimacy guaranteeing that they are conflict-free.
We are committed to Fair Pay – Equal Pay Tracemark only accepts RJC certified members to adhere to its traceability protocol.
RJC requires its members as far as equal pay concerns, fair pay and focuses about
compliance with the payment of applicable minimum wage.
WE ARE COMMITTED TO Independent Third Party Audit Tracemark designs and develops traceability systems for luxury raw materials (gold and diamonds)
and manufacturing processes, integrating them into our certified encrypted software.


Tracemark provides complete traceability of jewelry from origin to end consumer through encrypted and certified software, allowing the consumer to experience the journey behind their jewelry.

By offering complete traceability of jewelry, Tracemark’s cutting edge technology verifies that each step along the supply chain is subject to the world’s leading ethics and sustainability standards making responsible sourcing, diamond provenance and authenticity tangible to the end consumer.


Luxury is timeless, with authenticity and quality at its core. However, today luxury loses its meaning if it is not sustainable. Tracemark brings together jewelry, luxury brands, sustainability and the highest ethical standards by offering, for the first time in history, traceability of the entire supply chain for jewelry. Tracemark meets the demands of the new luxury consumer, providing transparency and introducing innovative solutions to align luxury goods with a positive impact on society.


  • The origin and provenance of jewelry starting from raw materials, gold and diamonds.
  • Details of the entire jewelry manufacturing process.
  • Visual material from the entire traceability process; images and videos from the very beginning of the supply chain and through each manufacturing process to the final product.
  • Jewelry certification– HRD/ IGI (optional)
  • Adhesion to the Tracemark protocol of the entire jewelry supply chain and/or certification from RJC CoP and CoC or equivalent.
  • Unique alphanumeric code engraved on each piece of jewelry associated to a QR code which allows the end consumer to access a brand-specific traceability panel where the entire journey of the jewelry is displayed.
  • Personalized message, video or image added by the end customer to close the traceability process.


  • The complete traceability of jewelry mapped out, from the mining company to the end customer, certifying that each step along the supply chain has been subject to the highest ethical and sustainable standards.
  • Maximum transparency, proof of responsible sourcing and provenance of raw materials (diamonds and gold).
  • Bringing the storytelling of a piece of jewelry closer to the customer than ever before. For the first time in history, the final customer can experience the lifetime journey of their jewelry and become part of it.
  • A unique alphanumeric code engraved in each piece of jewelry which guaranties the authenticity of the Tracemark traceability certification.
  • A QR code which allows the customer to access the personalized traceability panel of each piece of jewelry.
  • Customization of the traceability panel to reflect each brand’s personality and identity.
  • The ultimate solution to inspire conscious luxury purchase decisions and to educate consumers about the importance of sustainability and ethical practices throughout the entire supply chain.