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our commitment to Humanity Tracemark stands for human beings, everywhere. Now traceable Natural diamonds of any size Only Tracemark can reveal the origin of sub-0.18 carat diamonds. get to know C'est Moi Jewels This chic Netherlands-based brand has brought traceability
to its unique collection of forever-locked bracelets.

Tracemarked jewelry is like no other.

Tracemarked jewelry is transparent, responsibly sourced and aligned to the world around us.

Tracemark is the first company in the world able to provide complete and independently certified traceability for jewelry from its origin to your hands, ensuring that every stage of a Tracemarked jewel’s supply chain complies with the highest standards for sustainability and responsibility.

Tracemark’s revolutionary digital Traceability Panel tells the unique story hiding within each jewel, from the origin of its precious metals and stones, its journey through the exceptional world of jewelry craftsmanship, and closing the cycle with a positive impact in the world around us.


Traceability. Here to be experienced.

When you scan a Tracemarked jewel, a story of origin, craftsmanship and love for our shared planet unfolds before your very eyes.

On Tracemark’s Traceability Panel, externally verified traceability information collected and encrypted from across the entire supply chain comes together with the jewelry brand’s unique commitments to sustainability and ethics in production.

Explore the internationally recognized standards and certifications that your jewel carries, read about what inspired the piece and get to know how and where each raw material was extracted before being shaped into the piece in your hands.

A platform for positive change.

Tracemark brings together committed jewelry brands, manufacturers, mining companies, NGOs and more into an ecosystem of peers turning traceable jewelry into a reality and making a lasting, meaningful change to both the industry and the world, building and strengthening the alliance between the world of jewelry and the world around us.

Whether you’re looking to connect with today’s responsible consumer by giving them the information they need to make positive purchase decisions, capitalize on your commitment to sustainability and ethics or change the way that jewelry is produced for a brighter future, there is a place for you with Tracemark.


Transparent Tracking System

Behind every Tracemarked jewel is TTS, Tracemark’s Transparent Tracking System: a platform tailor-made to bring transparency and supply chain integrity to the jewelry and diamond industry.

Rather than using blockchain which distributes ownership of information in a decentralized manner, TTS encrypts and secures information supplied by each partner along the supply chain, maintaining both its confidentiality and integrity.

Using a highly secure one-time password, an independent auditor accredited by the Responsible Jewelry Council inspects all traceability documentation and information to verify that each single material and process has a known origin and complies with the world’s leading ethics and sustainability standards.