Berta Serret talks about the ability to provide full traceability of a piece of jewellery through her pioneering encrypted software.


“From the origin of the raw materials to the hands of the end consumer, Tracemark ensures that every link in the jewellery supply chain is subject to the highest standards of sustainability and responsibility”, says Berta Serret, founder of the brand and second-generation of the Serret family, leaders in the creation of sustainable jewellery with FACET.

They achieve this through pioneering encrypted software, “which then allows us to reveal to the end consumer the full story behind the jewellery they buy”.
Although his interest in making this sector an environmentally responsible discipline began after graduating, it was also partly when he came across a Human Rights Watch report denouncing abusive practices in gold mining in certain countries. From that reading came the idea of establishing a certified traceability system, which is how this entrepreneur began to lead the change towards a more sustainable future and the birth of Tracemark, which has already been recognised as the ‘Most Innovative Company’ in 2022 by Positive Luxury.

“Our commitment is latent. We believe that we should not only offer an excellent product, it has to have been made in an excellent way and it has to be able to be demonstrated”, says Serret, who assures that “the complete traceability of a jewel, including all the raw materials that compose it, has always been one of the greatest challenges of the jewellery industry on a global scale, but with Tracemark it is a reality, as it allows, for example, to reduce the carbon footprint by 99% thanks to the use of recycled gold”.

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