Tracemark offers sustainable jewelry companies the opportunity to adhere to the Tracemark traceability protocol, demonstrating their commitment to sustainability, provenance and supply chain transparency.

All partner members and affiliate members benefit from Tracemark’s encrypted and certified software, which provides complete traceability of a piece of jewelry from mining to the end consumer. By offering the entire traceability of jewelry, Tracemark verifies that each step along the supply chain has been subject to the highest sustainable and ethical standards while allowing consumers to experience it directly and become part of the traceability journey themselves.

Tracemark only accepts diamond and gold companies and jewelry manufacturers which demonstrate social and ethical compliance. All our partner members and affiliate members involved in the diamond and jewelry supply chain must be RJC CoP compliant, follow trade principles, and adhere to globally recognized social and ethical standards such as BSCI, SMETA or Sedex.

Membership of Tracemark is selective. The admission process consists of the completion of a quick form and an introductory interview with a Tracemark team member.