“Tracemark: a traceability seal for sustainable jewelry” – Diario de Cordoba


To (re)connect jewelry and luxury with the principles of sustainability and best practices. This is the core philosophy of the start-up Tracemark, which has developed a globally pioneering system that certifies the complete traceability of a piece of jewelry, available in the market for jewelry manufacturers and brands worldwide.

As the co-founder and CEO of this company, Berta Serret, explains Tracemark “was born with the dream of providing transparency within the jewelry and diamond industry, to promote real change towards a more sustainable sector”.

In this sense, Berta Serret explains that Tracemark is the first traceability solution in the world capable of providing complete traceability of the materials that make up a piece of jewelry, from its origins to the end consumer, verifying that all manufacturing processes and each link in the supply chain have been subjected to sustainability and social responsibility standards through a third-party audit.

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