Frequently Asked Questions

Traceability is the ability to discover information about a product from its origin to your handsbeing able to locate its source or origin and trace its journey through procurement, production and distribution.  

Tracemark is the first company in the world capable of providing complete, certified and audited traceability of a jewel and its raw materials. Tracemark has established a traceability protocol that, through encryption software, tracks and audits the complete traceability of a jewel from the origin of the raw materials to the final consumer. By providing complete, audited and certified traceability for a piece of jewelry, Tracemark verifies that each link along the supply chain has been subject to the most advanced ethical and sustainable standards laid out in the Traceability Protocol. 

In addition, Tracemark converts all of this certified traceability information into an interactive, digital and shareable experience for the consumer through the Traceability Panel and Tracemark ID that accompany every Tracemarked jewel. 

Tracemark provides complete traceability of a piece of jewelry, from the procurement of its raw materials such as gold, diamonds, and silver.  

Tracemark certifies completely traceable natural diamonds, guaranteeing their responsible sourcing and the maintenance of ethical practices along the entire supply chain, indicating the mining company such as De Beers, Alrosa, Rio Tinto and others.  

 Tracemark also certifies the use of recycled, traceable and ethical silver and gold from RJC CoC refineries.  

 Tracemark can also provide traceability of lab-grown diamonds accredited and audited by the SMETA/SEDEX process. 


Tracemark brings transparency to the jewelry, gold and diamond industry by making complete, audited information on the journey and history of a piece of jewelry available, from the sourcing of raw materials to the end consumer. 

 Transparency is our raison d’ être, and by showing every process a piece of jewelry has undergone along the supply chain, we demonstrate the commitment behind each piece of jewelry to sustainability while bringing greater transparency to the industry as a whole. We also present all of this information to the end consumer in an engaging way, creating a digital experience to empower them with the information they need to align their purchase decisions with a positive contribution to jewelry communities and the environment. 

An external auditor accredited by the RJC audits every movement and transaction along the entire supply chain. This external auditor from International Associates verifies the authenticity of every document, process and transaction between the companies involved in the production of a piece. 

Every economic transaction is recorded by its respective documentation. This documentation is automatically uploaded using our certified encryption software, the Transparent Tracking System, where it is stored and where it is subjected to an exhaustive verification by an independent external auditor. Each new piece of information or documentation is added to the previous one, creating an encrypted and secure network of the jewelry’s entire journey, which is available to an external and independent auditor who verifies the integrity of the traceability information and its compliance with ethical and sustainable practices. 

The documentation uploaded to the Transparent Tracking System is secure, private and confidential. The only parties that have access to the information stored in the software are the two parties involved in a specific economic transaction as owners of the information and a reputable external auditor accredited by the RJC.  

 The external auditor accesses the information through a OTP (one-time password) in order to audit and verify the documentation provided by both stakeholders securely. 


Tracemark cannot see or access the information and documentation uploaded in the software, only and exclusively the participants of the economic transaction and the external auditor will be able to access it. 

Yes, the documentation provided by each stakeholder (diamond suppliers, gold and silver suppliers, jewelry manufacturers, jewelry brands and retail outlets, among others) is uploaded to our encrypted software, which guarantees 100% security, privacy and confidentiality.

No one can access the encrypted information, not even Tracemark. In this way, we guarantee the complete confidentiality of the information. Only a reputable external auditor accredited by the RJC is able to verify the stored documentation to start the audit. Interested parties only have access to your documentation, which they have previously uploaded in the software and audited. 

Tracemark uses proprietary encryption technology. We have developed the most secure encrypted and certified software for this purpose on the market. 

Blockchain is based on decentralizing the ownership of information, a principle conflicting with the importance of confidentiality in the luxury, jewelry and diamond industries. Our solution provides the maximum security and confidentiality available throughout the entire process until it reaches the final consumer. 

 Recycled gold is gold that is reused through the smelting of gold items, promoting a circular economy while ensuring quality and sustainability. Recycled gold mostly from unwanted jewelry and obsolete electronics. In this way, recycled gold gives a second use, or a second life, to gold products, reintroducing into the economy all which no longer corresponds to the initial needs for which they were created. For example, for every million mobile devices recycled, up to 35 kg of gold can be obtained. These kilos of gold recovered from cell phones can give life to a new piece of jewelry in sustainable and ethical way. 

Tracemark certifies the use of 100% ethical and recycled gold in jewelry, coming from refineries and/or manufacturers that work with gold accredited as such by the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC) and with a Chain of Custody (CoC) certification, following the recommendation of recent studies by the University of Pforzeim that show that recycled gold can have a carbon footprint just 1% of that of gold extracted from mines. 

Tracemark allows companies to monetize and demonstrate their commitment to sustainability, turning it into an added and differential value of their products, while at the same time driving innovation and controlling their corporate social responsibility, verifying the responsible sourcing and provenance of raw materials, gold, silver and diamonds.  

Tracemark also offers the opportunity to meet the growing consumer demand for traceability and manufacturing processes through a unique, interactive and digital solution that connects with the needs and lifestyles of today’s consumers.  

Thus, with Tracemark, member companies can achieve their sustainable development objectives, contributing to the well-being of society and the environment, while optimizing the management and integration of their supply chain and increasing profitability, enhancing their reputation and building consumer confidence. 

Tracemark has developed a digital and interactive system that certifies the traceability of a piece of jewelry, bringing transparency to the luxury industry and providing the end consumer with relevant information about the origin of the raw materials and the manufacturing process behind a piece of jewelry.  

With Tracemark, the end consumer can explore responsible sourcing of the gold, silver and diamonds that make up their jewelry; while discovering the history and artistry of the manufacturing behind their jewelry and experiencing first-hand the assurance that all practices and processes have been subject to leading ethics and sustainability standards. 

In this way, Tracemark empowers consumers with the information they need to purchase and wear jewelry in accordance with their values and principles, aligning the consumption of luxury goods with a positive impact on the community and the environment. 

When purchasing a Tracemarked piece of jewelry, the end consumer receives, together with the purchased piece, a tag that features the unique alphanumeric code identifying the jewel and a QR code that allows direct access to the interactive traceability panel for the jewelry, which displays the origin and source of the raw materials, craftsmanship and other information of interest about the Tracemarked piece.  

The end consumer can also access the traceability panel of their jewelry by introducing the unique alphanumeric code to our website: www.tracemark.tech, in the “Trace Your Jewelry” section. 

Each jewel with Tracemark’s traceability has a corresponding traceability panel. The end consumer can access by means of the QR code that he/she will receive with the selected jewel at the time of purchase and/or with the unique alphanumeric code that identifies the jewel in question.  

In this traceability panel, the end consumer will be able to visualize and experience the story behind its creation, the origin and responsible sourcing of the raw materials, gold, silver and diamonds, and the journey of the jewelry throughout its manufacture, reliving it in first person. In addition, the end consumer will be able to download the quality certifications that accompany their jewelry, including the Tracemark Certificate, and a digital Tracemark ID that allows them to share the experience from the comfort of their mobile device. 

With Tracemark, the end consumer is the final link in the traceability process. After choosing a piece of jewelry with traceability, the end consumer can download the Tracemark ID in Passbook format directly from the panel itself.  

This Tracemark ID, which is stored directly in the Wallet App of iOS devices and using a 3rd party app easily downloaded to Android devices, allows the end consumer to share the experience of traceability and to prove their ownership of the jewelry, with the possibility of presenting it to authorities and insurers in case of theft or loss. 

Tracemark welcomes any company in the jewelry and diamond industry, including jewelry factories and brands that is committed to sustainability and human rights. These companies must be certified members of the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC) or be in the process of being audited for membership. 

Tracemark is available from September 2020. For more information, please refer to our contact form at www.tracemark.tech/contact/  

Motivated by its mission to lead the change for a more transparent, ethical and sustainable industry, Tracemark has developed a solution that offers unique value for a fractional price. 

For Tracemark member manufacturing companies, this consists of a minimum annual fee. For manufacturing with Tracemark, companies must register their jewelry pieces in the Transparent Tracking System and submit them to the independent external audit of International Associates, for which Tracemark has developed a flexible pricing structure that represents a minimum percentage on the cost of raw materials, never more than 10%, depending on the volume of the order. For more information, please contact us via our contact form at www.tracemark.tech/contact/.