Tracemark, the company that certifies the origin of sustainable jewelry and diamonds

Enter Tracemark, the first entity able to provide complete traceability of jewelry, gold, silver and diamonds: independently audited and certified as ethical and sustainable.


Sustainability is here to stay, but not everything that claims to be sustainable is quite as it seems. Consumers are asking for sustainable products, shareholders are asking for investment in sustainability, and brands are fighting for sustainability credentials. Likewise, the media, true to its mission of empowering citizens with information, promotes initiatives that also claim to be sustainable. However, do we really know if these are authentically sustainable, are we falling into the trap of half-truths or vague assertions? What is sustainability really?

To really talk about sustainability, we must talk about traceability. It is important to know where a product comes from, its origin, its history, to distinguish between hard-won sustainable production or shallow marketing campaign. Especially in the jewelry and diamond industry, tainted by the ongoing risk of widely documented human rights abuses and pollution; certified and audited traceability is the only guarantee available.

Many companies in the jewelry and diamond industry have tried to respond to the growing need for transparency and proof of sustainability with traceability efforts, from Tiffany’s to De Beers. However, only one start-up has succeeded so far: Tracemark, based in Spain. Facet Barcelona is proud to be the first manufacturer to adhere to Tracemark’s certified traceability protocol as a Pilot Partner Member.

With a rich history of over 30 years in the jewelry and diamond industry, offering unique designs and experiences to customers and consumers and investing unreservedly to social responsibility, transparency and innovation, Facet is consolidating its leadership in ethical and sustainable jewelry with Tracemark.

Led by the second generation of the Serret family at the head of Facet, Tracemark is the first independent entity in the world capable of providing complete, certified and audited traceability of a jewel, from the origin of its materials all the way to the consumer.Likewise, Tracemark, through this traceability information, guarantees traceable and responsibly sourced diamonds and the use of 100% ethical and recycled gold.

Through cutting-edge certified software, developed internally, Tracemark compiles and encrypts all traceability information and makes it available, securely, to an independent external auditor. The auditor verifies that all traceability information and sustainability credentials are authentic across the entire supply chain. Furthermore, Tracemark’s platform turns this information into an interactive, tangible and mobile experience for the end consumer, inviting them to participate in change towards a more sustainable, ethical and transparent future.

Launched in September and already in talks with major brands, Tracemark is an unprecedented initiative that is making headlines in leading media outlets such as El País and La Vanguardia, among others. Synonymous with innovation and certified sustainability, Tracemark has a transformative potential that, supported by Facet, empowers people with the information they need to align their consumption with a positive impact on the ecosystem and society – because there is no sustainability without traceability.