“Rosa Tous: We are starting the year with enthusiasm” – Gold & Time


The corporate vice president of TOUS describes in this extensive interview the situation that the company has gone through throughout the strange year 2020 and gives us a preview of some of the keys that will mark the path of the Manresa firm throughout this year and also long-term. Among its plans, the launch of the TOUS Next initiative to be “closer to consumers and society, through a more agile, digital and efficient way of working”.


From the latest Tracemark study, we learn that a majority of customers would be willing to pay more for a jewel whose origin is known. Do you think it is important for the Spanish and international jewelry industry not to miss this ‘train’? What are Tous’s proposals in this regard?

It is key that the jewelry industry implement sustainability and ethical criteria throughout the production chain, and at TOUS we are very aware of this. We take it as a social commitment and as a responsibility with the sector and with the whole of society. In fact, we have started a collaboration with Tracemark to guarantee the traceability of our jewels in a first collection, Teddy Bear Stars in gold and diamonds , and we are working to expand it to more collections. Customers can check the origin of the materials, the manufacturing behind each jewel and the certifications that guarantee the ethics and sustainability of the pieces.

In this way, they will be able to verify that the gold and diamonds in the collection have a 100% ethical and responsible origin. The gold comes from refineries that only work with CoC gold (Chain of Custody), a distinction granted by the Responsible Jewelery Council (RJC) that means that it comes from verified sources, following the best international environmental practices and social standards recognized throughout the world. .

Tracemark also allows to know the origin of diamonds and the manufacture. All the diamonds that TOUS works with strictly comply with the Kimberley Process, thus guaranteeing their authenticity, provenance and ethical extraction. The novelty of the Teddy Bear Stars collectionIt is the external guarantee provided by Tracemark, informing about its origin and verifying the responsible supply. In addition, customers will also be able to see that the manufacture of the collection is the result of the collaboration of TOUS workshops in Manresa and artisan collaborators located in Córdoba and Italy. A work methodology that arises from the jewelery firm’s commitment to collaboration within the sector.

Along the same lines, TOUS became a certified member of the Responsible Jewelery Council (RJC) last year after an exhaustive audit process. This 2021 we will continue betting on the sector and on sustainability and collaborating with the best partners worldwide to achieve it.

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