Tous jewelry traceability with Tracemark

“TOUS allows its customers to know the traceability of their jewelry” – Valor Compartido


The jewelry brand TOUS teams up with Tracemark, a company that guarantees the complete traceability of pieces of jewelry from companies certified by the RJC (Responsible Jewellery Council). This project has started with a first capsule collection and both companies are working to extend the partnership to further references.

Customers have an alphanumeric code engraved on each piece of fine jewelry or a QR code on the label which can be leveraged to access the Tracemark interactive, personalized traceability panel. Here they can check the provenance of the materials, the manufacturing processes behind each piece of jewelry, and the certifications guaranteeing the ethics and sustainability of the pieces, as well as giving details about the materials.

In this way, they will be able to verify that the gold and diamonds in the collection are 100% ethical and responsible in origin. For gold, it comes from refineries that only work with CoC gold (Chain of Custody). CoC gold certification is a distinction awarded by the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC) showing that it comes from verified sources, following the best international environmental practices and social standards recognized the world over.

Specifically, Tracemark certified CoC gold is 100% ethical and recycled gold. This is a major breakthrough in sustainability terms since the use of recycled gold not from mines reduces the carbon footprint by around 99%, according to a recent study from the Pforzheim University of Applied Sciences.

The traceability information provided by Tracemark also allows the origin of diamonds and manufacturing to be known. All diamonds with which TOUS works comply strictly with the Kimberley Process, thus ensuring their authenticity, provenance and ethical extraction. The novelty of the Teddy Bear Stars collection is the external endorsement provided by Tracemark, which ensures the fulfillment of the process and provides the traceability of these diamonds, as well as providing information about their origin and verifying they are responsibly sourced. Strict requirements for the Kimberley Certificate guarantee “conflict-free” diamonds and prevent diamonds extracted in conflicts from being legitimately traded.

In addition, customers will also see that the manufacture of the collection is the result of the partnership between TOUS’ workshops in Manresa and artisans who work alongside the company from Córdoba and Italy. This work method stems from the jewelery firms’s commitment to form partnerships in the sector.

TOUS is thus able to bolster its commitment to sustainability, an increasingly important factor for customers. According to Tracemark’s Sustainable Luxury Consumer Report 2021,  71% of consumers would choose a jewel for its traceability.

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Image courtesy of Tous.