Secrecy is born: a jewelry brand offering pieces with sterling silver, natural diamonds and full traceability with Tracemark


Cadarso Group launches its first jewelry brand with a foundation in sustainability and traceable natural diamonds with Tracemark


Cadarso Group, known for its successes in luxury hospitality and watchmaking, launches this autumn its first jewelry brand: Secrecy Jewels, available in Spain and Portugal. Made from recycled sterling silver and natural diamonds from known origin, Secrecy is one of the first brands in the world to offer the complete traceability of all of their jewels through Tracemark, reflecting their commitment to sustainability and creating accessible high-quality jewelry designed for today’s worldly, fearless and conscious jewelry consumer.

This ode to both the modern woman and the world of jewelry is reflected in this brand’s central concept: pieces with unique hidden messages. Each one is like a secret, a moment captured in time, and an aspect of the exceptional personality of the wearer. Each message tells a story or triggers a treasured memory. In this way, Secrecy Jewels invites wearers to discover the secret behind each emotion, creating a unique universe that is brought into being through each intricately crafted jewel.

In terms of sustainability, Secrecy takes a leap forward from its very beginnings with transparency, and is one of the first in the world to provide the complete traceability of all of its jewels and collections with Tracemark. This alliance means that all pieces are sold with a Tracemark Tag with QR code, allowing consumers to access an interactive traceability panel where they can discover the origin of the natural diamonds and recycled silver used in each piece, as well as the craftsmanship behind the creation of the jewels and the world-leading responsibility certifications that each material and process comply with. In this way, Secrecy, with Tracemark, reveals the story that is behind each jewel and shows the positive impact each piece has, informing and involving the consumer like never before.

Available online at, Secrecy’s first collection is formed of 6 families of pendants, bracelets, earrings and ring: Be You, Bella Vita, Girl Boss, BFF, Love and Destinas – all ideal for gifting, wearing every day or bringing an extra sparkle to special events. The brand will be opening 100 physical points of sale in Portugal and 80 in Spain.

Image from ©SecrecyJewels.