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“COVID-19, Year 1: Challenges for the jewelry industry in Spain” – Gold & Time


To analyze how the situation has evolved since full lockdown was declared in Spain last year, and discuss what are the main challenges that the Sector must assume from now on, we have had the opinion of four prominent representatives of the Spanish Jewelery Industry: Cristina Yanes, president of the Spanish Association of Jewelers (AEJPR); Álex Riu, president of the Association of Jewelers of Catalonia (JORGC); Mariano Romero, director of the Córdoba Jewelery School and CNR de la Jewelery in Spain; and Rosa Tous, corporate vice president of the main Spanish jewelery company.


Ethics and social and environmental responsibility

“The economic and health crisis, although it is almost a cliché to say so”, points out the president of the Catalonia Jewelers Association, “has accelerated some changes that have already been perceived for a long time in the industry”. One of them is the promotion of social and environmental awareness by the jewelery company, which has become one of the axes of the industry at a national and international level and in which, to a large extent, Spanish companies and institutions begin to position themselves as references.

In fact, the College of Catalonia has been the first entity in our country to set up a specific Committee and a survey of professionals to ‘radiograph’ the situation of the jewelery company in this matter. “We are going to make decisions about how the JORGC is going to get involved in sustainability,” says Álex Riu, while recalling that this commitment “cannot simply be a label.” “ There are too many companies that call themselves ‘sustainable and it is not true. Sustainability is a path that requires small actions and above all a clear roadmap, through a certification process that proves the true commitment of companies”, recalls the president of the Catalonia Jewelers Association.

Initiatives from Spanish private companies are also beginning to be a reality, not only on the national scene but the purpose is to become an international benchmark. For this purpose, the Spanish start up Tracemark was born , which provides a certification process that ensures both the ethical origin of the diamonds used as well as gold and silver , which are certified by the Responsible Jewelery Council under its CoC seal ( Chain of custody). A certification that guarantees the origin of the metal from verified sources, following international environmental practices and social standards recognized throughout the world.

And the first company to adopt Tracemark in one of its collections was precisely TOUS. “We have started a collaboration with Tracemark to guarantee the traceability of our jewels in our Teddy Bear Stars collection in gold and diamonds, and we are working to expand it to more collections”, Rosa Tous reminds us.

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