“Tracemark stands up for Ukraine” – Gold & Time


Tracemark has claimed its commitment to Ukraine after the Russian invasion, and the company has cut off all commercial relationships with Russia. Despite having effects on the industry, Tracemark has declared that there is no way of working with those who carry these kinds of actions.

Berta Serret, CEO & Founder Tracemark, has declared:
“We are not talking about a boycott, we are talking about the lives of people who every day leave their homes, and, those who are dying. The least we can do is to choose our partners wisely and do not tolerate illegal actions.”

As a result, the company has been forced to source its diamonds and raw materials from other suppliers. Tracemark is, once again, committed to eradicating abuses and poor conditions for workers in the jewelry industry through traceability of its diamonds and raw material. We have the aim of achieving a more responsible and sustainable jewelry industry for both, people and the environment.

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