Tracemark launches new website


The traceability platform for sustainable jewelry consolidates its digital proposal

Tracemark, a pioneering platform which offers complete end-to-end traceability of jewelry, has this week launched its brand new website. Founded in February of this year, this tech venture is experiencing rapid growth driven by its ambitious mission to lead the change for authentic sustainability in the luxury industry.

Tracemark sees this mission as “its central guiding purpose and its soul”, says co-founder and CEO Berta Serret, something which becomes fast apparent in their new website: Designed to convey this powerful message through an optimised user experience, the homepage welcomes visitors exposing the 15 commitments and values that define the platform, taking people on a journey to the very heart of the company. Beyond the first impression, by scrolling down intuitively users then find a direct link to Tracemark’s traceability panel, built on a certified encrypted software which is accessed introducing the unique alphanumeric code that consumers and brands will be able to find on their jewelry pieces.

On this panel, Tracemark offers all the information regarding the manufacturing process of that specific jewelry piece, including the origin and provenance of the raw materials, visual material of the entire traceability journey, certifications and detailed documentation of how each diamond has been treated and processed along every step of the supply chain. This allows Tracemark to turn the entire intangible story that hides behind each piece of jewelry into a tangible experience, while verifying that it has been subjected to the highest ethical and sustainable standards. Moreover, Tracemark offers a personalisation feature which allows the end consumer to include a customised message, video or image, allowing them to become an essential part of the story and to close the traceability cycle.

In addition to its commitments and access to Tracemark’s traceability platform, this innovative company’s new website explains  what  information is provided exclusively by its software and the benefits that come with adhering to its proprietary traceability protocol. Those who are curious can also check out the latest press releases and contact the Tracemark team directly for more information on membership requirements, adhesion to the protocol and any other queries.

At Facet, where we share Tracemark’s passion for sustainability and innovation, we have been committed to this revolutionary project from the very first minute. For this reason, and as one of Tracemark’s first partner members, we are proud to share with you how this young company is progressing, bringing real change to the luxury industry.

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