Tracemark: Winner Breakthrough business of the year 2022


TRACEMARK has been recognized as a Breakthrough Business of the Year by a prestigious sustainable luxury organization.

After only one year since its launch, the young entrepreneur Berta Serret, founder of Tracemark, has managed to position her Spanish brand as a world leader in jewelry traceability and internationally recognized as Innovative Business of the Year 2022.

Berta Serret had the idea of founding Tracemark after reading a Human Rights Watch report in 2020 which exposed the reality behind the process to get a gram of gold in Africa and Brazil and the brutalities that the jewelry industry was still dragging. It was then that Tracemark was born, the dream of transforming the diamond and jewelry industry towards a more just, ethical, and dignified future for every person involved in the jewelry supply chain. He realized his dream by traveling between India and the U.S. to develop the first in-house encrypted software, unique in the world, and capable of providing complete traceability of a jewel.

Today, Berta’s dream has become a reality and has been recognized internationally. In fact, in the words of Amy Nelson-Bennett, Co-CEO of Positive Luxury: “It’s exciting to see because it’s about time, that traceability technology went beyond fashion and fully entered the jewelry and diamond industry. Tracemark, a totally necessary and impressive tool”.

Tracemark is a pioneering platform based on providing full traceability of jewelry, has been awarded The Innovative Business of the Year 2022 award by the prestigious sustainable luxury accelerator Positive Luxury, which encourages other companies to adapt to climate change and new market needs through innovative tools and ideas, propelling a new industry. Tracemark is the only company in the world capable of providing complete and certified traceability of a piece of jewelry, from the origin of the raw materials to the final consumer. After two years of working for her dream, Berta has been able to build this company where human rights are respected throughout the supply chain. Tracemark was born to lead the change by promoting collaboration between companies to achieve that, in unison, the only prosperity is sustainability, because the industry will be sustainable or it will not be. Tracemark is the only company in the world capable of tracing a diamond of any size to its origin and certifies exclusively RJC CoC recycled gold and Fairmined gold, i.e. gold with positive impact.



Being the only Spanish company nominated in this category, it has had the opportunity to be chosen by a jury of great personalities in the industry, such as Alyssa Auberger, Chief Sustainability Officer at McKenzie, Charles Boulton CEO of HSBC Private Bank, and Paul Polman former CEO of Unilever.

The sewing firm Ze Garcia collaborates with the founder of Tracemark, Berta Serret, driven by their commitment to traceability and the importance of ethical and sustainable trade. Both located in the city of Barcelona, have joined forces to give life to the first made-to-measure dress with traceability in the market. A pioneering and visionary initiative. In the photographs, we see the founder dressed by the prestigious fashion designer ZE GARCÍA. The photographs were taken in the impressive Cordoba mansion, the former residence of the bullfighter Manolete, now converted into one of the best gastronomic restaurants in Andalusia, “Casa Manolete”.

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