“Tous launches its second collection of traceable jewelry in Peru” – Fashion Network


TOUS advances in its commitment to sustainability and presents its second collection with Tracemark, the pioneer company in ensuring full traceability of jewelry, working with companies certified by the RJC (Responsible Jewellery Council). The pieces with traceability are available in the Peruvian market.

The new collection is available in a total of five markets worldwide: Spain, Portugal, Mexico, Russia and Peru. “Customers have an alphanumeric code engraved on the jewel and a QR code on the label, through which they can access Tracemark’s interactive and personalized traceability panel and explore the origin of the materials, the manufacture behind each jewel and the certifications that guarantee the ethics and sustainability of the pieces and the detail of the materials. All with the certainty that this information has been verified by a reputable external auditor from International Associates,” says TOUS.


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Image from TOUS taken from the article.