“The Spanish company Tracemark excludes Russian diamonds and metals ” – Diario Joya


Berta Serret: “The least we can do is to choose our partners wisely and do not tolerate illegal actions.”

The Spanish company, Tracemark, has joined the economic blockade against Russia after its invasion of Ukraine. Tracemark has just announced that it will no longer include diamonds and raw materials from this country.

As Berta Serret, CEO of Tracemark, explained to this media: “our main goal is to eradicate abuses and bad conditions of our workers through traceability of diamonds and raw materials. We are looking for a more sustainable and responsible industry with the environment and the workers in the supply chain. We want our Tracemarked jewelry to be completely free of conflict.”  

“The jewelry industry has the power to decide where it gets its materials from. We are not talking about a boycott, we are talking about the lives of people who every day leave their homes, and, those who are dying.”

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