“Secrecy Jewels is born, silver and natural diamond jewelry with full traceability accredited by Tracemark” – Gold & Time


The Cadarso business group, known especially for its success in the luxury hospitality and watchmaking sectors, launches its first jewelery brand this fall: Secrecy Jewels, available in Spain and Portugal. Made of recycled sterling silver and with natural diamonds of known origin, Secrecy is one of the first brands in the world to offer full traceability of all its jewels, with Tracemark, reflecting its commitment to sustainability and creating accessible high quality jewelry, designed for a woman of the world, with personality, self-confidence and with social and environmental awareness.

This ode to contemporary femininity and the world of jewelry is reflected in the concept that gives life to this brand and that differentiates its designs with a wink of complicity. All Secrecy jewels contain a hidden message , a secret, as if it were a genuine moment captured in time, an intimate characteristic of the personality of the woman who wears it or an anecdotal story that becomes a memory. In this way, Secrecy Jewels invites you to discover the secret that lies behind an emotion, finding a magical universe that materializes in the form of a jewel.

In the field of sustainability , Secrecy takes a step forward in terms of transparency and is positioned as one of the first brands to provide full traceability of all its jewelry and collections, hand in hand with Tracemark. This alliance means that all its pieces are delivered with a Tracemark Tag that includes a QR code with which consumers can access an interactive traceability panel where they can discover the origin of the natural diamonds and the recycled silver that make up their jewel, as well as the art of manufacture that lies behind it and the certifications of sustainability that it entails. Thus, Secrecy reveals with Tracemark the history that lies behind the process of creating all its jewels, demonstrating the positive impact that each piece has had throughout the entire supply chain and weaving an unprecedented complicity with the final consumer, more informed than ever and aware of the values ​​that the brand reflects.


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