Facet and Tracemark come together to present their traceability collaboration at THE SHOW in Hamburg


The two companies participate together in one of the first international trade fairs since the pandemic, showcasing their innovative traceable jewellery concept


Facet and Tracemark shared a stand at THE SHOW, one of the first international trade fairs held after the COVID-19 pandemic in Hamburg, Germany. In this space some of the first traceable jewelry collections to arrive to the market in the last year we shown, with both companies consolidating their collaboration and showing their leadership in sustainability on a global scale.

Specifically, the stand showed a selection of pieces from traceable collections launched by brands including TOUS, C’est Moi Jewels and Secrecy, pioneers in sustainability and social responsibility and the first to commit to transparency as Tracemark Certified Brands. Through the success of these collections in their launch markets (Spain, Portugal, Holland, México and Russia), and the media impact they have had, THE SHOW was chosen to showcase this three-way collaboration between Facet as a manufacturer, each brand and Tracemark as the traceability provider and introduce this traceability concept lead by a network of brands, manufacturers, material providers and the consumers themselves.

All jewelry pieces produced by Facet and traced by Tracemark come engraved with a Unique Alphanumeric Code for identification, connected to the traceability journey and story behind each piece. Likewise, these pieces are delivered with a QR tag linking to an innovative traceability panel customised by each brand and available to the consumer on any mobile device.

In this panel, it is possible to verify the responsible sourcing of each and every material that composes the jewel such as recycled gold or silver or conflict-free diamonds, find out their place of origin and see how the piece was manufactured. All of this with the certainty that the jewel has been subject to the world’s leading standards for sustainability and responsibility, verified through an external audit.

In this way, Facet and Tracemark continue leading the change towards a authentically sustainable industry, driving transparency and supply chain integrity while connecting industry players directly to a consumer which is more aware and demanding than ever when considering purchases which align with their values.

The traceable pieces produced by Facet for Certified Brands shared the space with the firm’s timeless fine jewellery pieces which set this company apart as a leader in jewellery design and production. Featured were the company’s classic tennis bracelets and necklaces as well as coloured stone designs and a selection of pieces from the extensive Trends and Smart collections.

According to organisers, more than 1000 attendees were present at the fair where the very latest in the jewellery sector was on show including the innovative traceable collections on display at Facet’s stand.